How does this work?

We wanted to provide an economical option for businesses, whom otherwise may not have the budget for a standard brand film, to utilize video as a tool to get their message across to their customers. Unlike our classic brand video which is a much more in-depth process, this “teaser video”, shot at one location, will provide a quick overview of you and your general philosophy toward life and your business in order to evoke curiosity by the customer.

Adventure is the Topic

Why? Because people are yearning for it and no matter what the business is, our process WILL uncover a side of your business will surprise you. We have found that we are able to streamline this process by using a compelling, universal subject such as “adventure” and apply it to each individual situation.

The Adventure of Better Film Process

  • 1 60 Minute Pre Film Meeting (conducted before film date)
  • 1 60 Minute Film Session: Includes Interview and B Roll Filming
  • Film session will be at one location only (We’ll come to you!)
  • Completed Film Editing to produce a polished professional product

Total Package Cost- $1,100 (16 spots available)

The Result?

1 60-90 sec finished film that can serve as an artful and sophisticated way to introduce or “re-introduce” yourself to your customers.  A “brand teaser” of sorts.



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