About Valerie Oechslin


Valerie Oechslin is the owner and founder of Little Ox Productions. Her primary passion is the extraction of the deeper story that lies behind the underdeveloped brand of her clients then using film and written content to articulate the soul of that brand.

Her professional background includes marketing/branding and sales training for large pharmaceutical companies, strategic planning for faith-based organizations,
designing and building homes for her company Oechslin Enterprises LLC, and her achievements in the art world creating large colorful abstract paintings that can
be seen in galleries, private homes and businesses across the country.

Her love of brand development and storytelling started over 10 years ago when observing transformational stories in the faith-based world. These stories inspired her to document transformative moments on film. Her education and experience in marketing, combined with the skill of filmmaking, resulted in a business of building soul inspired brands.

She considers her films a powerful medium to convey an inspirational message to others through artistic, meaningful and authentic stories that uncover the unique characteristics of the subject. She believes that, “everyone has an authentic story that matters to them and adds meaning to the
world around them.”

She attributes her drive and resilience to her lengthy career as a competitive swimmer where she held state and national records and went on to letter in swimming at Auburn University.